SB1 Revisions

Systems Biology: Properties of Reconstructed Networks


Below is a list of errors as identified by Professor Palsson during the past few years. If you run across any errors, please send an email to and let us know.

  • Page 91: The paragraph at the top of the page should read: "The vector produced by a linear transformation is in two orthogonal spaces (the column and left null spaces), called the range or co- domain, and the vector being mapped is also in two orthogonal spaces (the row and null spaces), called the domain of the transformation."

  • Page 120: There should be a box around the image of the Column and Left Null space.

  • Page 123: The superscript on the Sigma should be r for rank, not v.

  • On Page 130, Equation 8.24, the subscript on the u in the final term should be km and not kr. * Submitted by Jarle Pahr.

  • Page 133: The values on the x-axes are missing from Figure 8.12, and should be u21j and v21j, respectively, and not u2ij and v2ij as shown in the figure legend.

  • Page 134: The values on the x-axes are missing from Figure 8.13, and should be u22j and v22j, respectively, and not u2ij and v2ij as shown in the figure legend.

  • Page 138: In the second column of equation 9.5, the v4 in the fifth row needs to be deleted. * Submitted by Hamide Ataman

  • Page 149: In Figure 9.12, the "Type II ExPa" box has arrows pointing in the wrong direction. The directions of the arrows corresponding to the bottom three "AP, A, and P" should be reversed. In addition, the arrows corresponding to "AP, A, and P" in the bottom right "Type III ExPa" box should not be solid.

  • Page 202: In the subsection entitled SVD of the pathway matrix, there should be no "^" on the P. It should just be P in this subsection.

  • Page 207: The figure legend of Figure 13.4 should read "Representative extreme pathways... instead of "Representative sets of reactions..." In Figure 13.5, the symbol "~" should be replaced with the symbol "^"

  • Page 296: A new, updated Table B.2 can be downloaded here. The table published in the book was missing some reactions.



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