E coli regulations

E. coli

'E. coli Regulatory Networks'

  • Regulation of a Central Metabolic Network

Network Properties:

16 regulatory proteins

43 out of 73 enzymes are regulated

Related Paper: Covert and Palsson,"Transcriptional Regulation in Constraints-Based Metabolic Models of Escherichia coli", JBC (2002)

Regulation of a Genome-Scale Metabolic Network (iMC1010)

Network Properties:

104 regulatory proteins

479 out of 906 metabolic genes are regulated

Related Paper: Covert, et. al.,"Integrating High-Throughput and Computational Data Elucidates Bacterial Networks", Nature (2004)

Network Files (excel):

Original Boolean Rules (v1) (see paper)

Updated Boolean Rules (v2) (see paper)


The Boolean Approach

Covert and Palsson, "Constraints-Based Models: Regulation of Gene Expression Reduces the Steady-state Solution Space", JTB (2003)

Covert, et. al., "Regulation of Gene Expression in Flux Balance Models of Metabolism", JTB (2001)



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