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Welcome to the Systems Biology Research Group at the University of California, San Diego. We study the complexity of cellular life using experimental and computational methods that span the genome to the phenotype. Developing, integrating, and applying new methods allow us to gain a systems view of life - from bacterial to human.

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Researcher Snapshots:

  • My research interests are in Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) of E.coli which allows them to adapt to certain conditions through evolution.  Joon Ho Park, 1st Year PhD Student.
  • I focus on cell systems modeling and metabolic engineering using nonlinear optimization, and multi-omics data analysis. At SBRG, I am developing integrated genome-scale models of transcriptional regulation, metabolism, & expression. Laurence YangPost Doctoral Researcher.
  • I am currently working on building a kinetic model of mitochondrial metabolism in human cancer cells and am also working on systematically elucidating the function of poorly annotated genes in E. coliSankha Ghatak, 2nd year PhD student.
  • I am currently working on developing the methods for 13C flux analysis using the sampling, extraction, and LC-MS/MS methods that I have already developed and current modelling software available.  Douglas McCloskey, 4th year PhD student.

Systems Biology Research Group

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Contact Us

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