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Welcome to the Systems Biology Research Group at the University of California, San Diego. We study the complexity of cellular life using experimental and computational methods that span the genome to the phenotype. Developing, integrating, and applying new methods allow us to gain a systems view of life - from bacterial to human.

Open Positions and Projects

Researcher Snapshots:

  • I aim to explore the differential response to antimicrobial stress across various environments by integrating multi-omics measurements with metabolic modeling. Yara Seif, 4th Year PhD student.
  • My research seeks to develop a systemic basis of microbial evolution through integration of multi-omics datasets with metabolic and gene regulatory networks, constraint-based modeling, and machine learning. Erol Kavvas, 4th Year PhD Student
  • I am trying to understand the logic behind seemingly redundant prokaryotic energy generation pathways by leveraging adaptive laboratory evolution. I am also interested in bestowing context to ‘pseudo’genes. Amitesh Anand, Post Doctoral Researcher.

Systems Biology Research Group

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Contact Us

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