Flux Balance Analysis

Downloads- Flux Balance Analysis

A new tutorial on FBA and other constraint-based methods using the COBRA Toolbox and the Core E. coli Model, from Nature Biotechnology.

An FBA primer(http://www.nature.com/nbt/web_extras/supp_info/nbt0201_125/info_frame.html) from Nature Biotechnology.

A demo of our FBA program (for Windows9x/ME/NT/2000) Includes: FBA program as well as input files for simulating central metabolism in E. coli

Related Publications

Orth, J.D., Thiele, I., and Palsson, B.Ø. What is flux balance analysis?. Nature Biotechnology, 28: 245-248 (2010).

Edwards,J.S., Covert, M., and Palsson, B.Ø. Metabolic Modeling of Microbes: the Flux Balance Approach. Environmental Microbiology, 4(3): pp. 133-140 (2002).

Important early references in the area



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