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Systems Biology and Bioengineering:

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The homework is due at the beginning of class since we want everyone to pay attention to the lecture and not work on their assignments, for this reason this deadline is strict. Many of the problem sets require the use of a mathematical language to perform computations with matrices. We ask that you only turn in the code used to compute the matrices and not the matrices themselves. When working with other students in the class on homework, please write your own code and answers and indicate which students you collaborated with in the upper right corner of your assignment. During grading, it is easy to see which students are collaborating, so it only helps yourself to indicate any substantial collaborations when considering academic dishonesty. A penalty may be assessed if students do not write up their own assignments or indicate collaboration.

Assignment 1
Due: Thursday, January 17
Message Board for HW1

Assignment 2
Due: Thursday, January 24
Message Board for HW2
Supplementary files: ecoli_core_model.xls

Assignment 3
Due: Thursday, January 31
Message Board for HW3

Assignment 4
Due: Thursday, February 7
Message Board for HW4
Supplementary files: ecoli_core_model.xls, optimization_framework.m, ecoli_map_small.jpg

Assignment 5
Due: Saturday, February 16
Message Board for HW5
Supplementary files:, SBML (Windows), GLPK (Windows), COBRA Toolbox

Assignment 6
Due: Thursday, February 21
Message Board for HW6
Supplementary files: Reaction 3.9 *.m example

Assignment 7
Due: Thursday, February 28
Message Board for HW7

Assignment 8
Due: Friday, March 7
Message Board for HW8

Assignment 9
Due: Friday, March 14
Message Board for HW9
Supplementary file: fig9_2A.m

Due: Friday, March 21 (11:30pm)
Message Board for the Project
Supplementary file: Chapter 10 Figures



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