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Welcome to the Systems Biology Research Group at the University of California, San Diego. We study the complexity of cellular life using experimental and computational methods that span the genome to the phenotype. Developing, integrating, and applying new methods allow us to gain a systems view of life - from bacterial to human.

Open Positions and Projects

Researcher Snapshots:

  • My research uses the human red blood cell to develop systems biology methods with applications to transfusion medicine. Specifically, we aim to integrate various disparate -omics data types into cell-scale mechanistic models and statistical models to predict and understand cellular physiology. James Yurkovich5th Year PhD student.
  • I aim to integrate machine learning and sequencing data with constraint-based modeling to gain a better understanding of the systems architecture and regulatory networks of E. coli. Anand Sastry, 3rd year PhD student.
  • My research explores the role of enzyme promiscuity in mechanisms of evolution in E. coli. I utilize genome-scale model predictions to aid in the design of laboratory evolution experiments, and sequencing techniques to uncover the mechanisms behind adaptations to non-native carbon sources. Gabriela Guzman, final year of PhD. 

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Contact Us

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